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Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge 378 – Avid and Worm

This week’s Haiku Challenge at Ronovan Writes is to write a haiku using the words (or ideas of) “avid” and “worm.” Having a vegetable garden that didn’t start taking off until a month before first frost this year, I have encountered many a worm, both beneficial and…not.


tomato hornworm
stares down his arch nemesis
avid gardener


If you know, you know.
A little more senryu-ish than I had wanted. Perhaps my lesson today is accepting what is – pests in my garden, so-so poetry and all.

Photo Credit: “Salzbrot” at Wikimedia Commons

shy girl needs to call
washing machine repair man
the room is spinning

(image cred: Emmanuel Ikwuegbu on Unsplash)

*sniff sniff*

leaving for college
guess I have to let her go
can’t find the duct tape

walls poem

This week’s Weekly Writing Prompt (#2) at The Secret Keeper is to write a poem using the following five words: inside, memory, problem, grand, and loft.  Well that really got my rusty brain cranking today!  So here’s my haiku inspired, non-fiction microstory, senryu-ish …thing. 🙂


inside my heart
is a memory i can’t remember
yet can’t escape

so I loft my heart
over some grand stone walls
to separate myself and it

the problem is
I realize too late
there are no doors


Please join in over at The Secret Keeper!

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge – Start and Hot

Ronovan Writes has a new challenge out – haiku using the words hot and start.

middle aged woman
at the start of a sea change
is it hot in here?

OK,  more serious now (not that menopause is a laughing matter. Just ask any husband whose wife has gone through it. 😉 )

bite of new salsa
eyes start to water – SO HOT!!
mixed up the peppers

Sorry, I said serious. Here you go:

hot little body
sick and consumed with fever
mother starts to pray

I tried to write another one, but the little boy above is mine, and now my mind is on him instead of counting syllables.

Visit Ronovan Writes for more of this weeks Haiku Challenge! Enjoy!

miss potter haiku

the grass was as green
as my envious spirit
watching Miss Potter


Miss Potter tells the story of Beatrix Potter, the author of Peter Rabbit and many other stories. What a sweet movie!  I applaud a movie that doesn’t need killing and cursing to move its story forward.

I must admit that by the end of the movie, where (SPOILER ALERT!!) she is buying a farm, I had melted into a puddle of envy…for her talent, her ability to stand up for herself and live her life, her success, and especially the gorgeous cottage on a farm with the rolling hills of the English countryside.  I know — envy is unbecoming. I know — it’s just a movie.

So I haiku it, and move on!  Or try. 🙂

I’m definitely an old fashioned country girl stuck in a modern, ultra-suburban world.

living haiku

living my life
has been the hardest thing
i’ve ever done

TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Fabric

fabrics haiku

huge old fabric stash
kept just in case a need for
costuming breaks out


My attempts at actual sewing are dismal, but I keep all the old fabric for the many creations of my children. They love to act out stories of their own writing, and the more elaborately costumed, the better. Good thing I have bins of fabric! It’s amazing what can be done with clever draping and tying on of remnants. I’d say our fabric gets more use than any toy we’ve ever bought.

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dish art haiku

a detested chore
transformed to a work of art
play of light through blinds

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